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Del Shannon, CDS

OSHA & DOT Compliance Engineer

Meet Del Shannon, an esteemed member of RH Safety Consultants, serving as the DOT & OSHA Compliance Engineer. With a robust background and extensive expertise, Del is a seasoned professional dedicated to ensuring regulatory excellence and safety compliance. 


Del's proficiency in FMCSA subject matter is a testament to his in-depth knowledge of the intricate regulations governing transportation. With 12 years of experience in DOT/transportation safety consulting, he brings a wealth of practical insights to the table, helping organizations navigate the complex landscape of compliance with confidence. He is also a Certified Director of Safety through NATMI and is a NATMI Certified Instructor.


As a U.S. Air Force veteran and current member of the Air Force Reserve, Del's commitment to discipline and excellence is evident in every aspect of his work. His role as a Combat Arms Instructor for the U.S. Air Force Reserve showcases not only his dedication to service but also his ability to instill crucial safety practices. 


Before joining RH Safety Consultants, Del served as a Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officer and State Trooper with the Tennessee Highway Patrol, where he honed his skills in enforcing safety on the roads. Through the CVSA, Del was certified to conduct Level I-VI inspections, along with Cargo Tank, Motorcoach, Hazardous Material inspections, and finally, Compliance Reviews and Audits on transportation companies. This unique blend of military, law enforcement, and safety consulting experiences positions Del as a well-rounded professional capable of addressing diverse compliance challenges. 

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