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Rick Hunter, LSP, CSC


Meet Rick Hunter, a distinguished leader and the visionary President behind RH Safety Consultants. With an impressive 43 years of experience in the field, Rick has dedicated his career to shaping and advancing safety standards across various industries.

Rick's journey in safety management began with a passion for creating work environments that prioritize the well-being of employees. As a Licensed Safety Professional (LSP) and Certified Safety Consultant (CSC), Rick's expertise spans decades of navigating the intricacies of safety regulations, compliance frameworks, and risk mitigation strategies. 


Among his prior experience is time spent serving as the Director of Risk Management for a large Workers’ Compensation fund, further enhancing his understanding of holistic safety strategies.  


As the President of RH Safety Consultants, Rick brings a wealth of knowledge and a hands-on approach to developing tailored safety solutions. His advocacy for workplace safety goes beyond compliance, aiming to create workplaces where employees thrive in secure and health-conscious environments.  


Rick's dedication to the safety landscape is not just a professional endeavor; it's a personal commitment to making a lasting impact on the well-being of individuals and the success of businesses. With his leadership, RH Safety Consultants continues to be at the forefront of delivering innovative safety solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client. 

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