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Comprehensive Employee Background Checks

Safeguarding your workforce is our top priority. Our thorough range of services, from scrutinizing transportation employment history to conducting comprehensive criminal and credit checks, ensures the integrity and security of your team.

Job interview

Protect your operations—know your new hires

Transportation Employment History

We conduct an in-depth examination of an individual's employment history within the transportation sector, providing you with a comprehensive insight into their past roles and responsibilities.

Criminal History

These comprehensive checks are invaluable in promoting a secure workplace environment. By conducting thorough examinations, we help mitigate potential risks, ensuring that your organization can make informed hiring decisions, prioritize safety, and maintain the integrity of your workforce.

Credit Checks

Credit Checks are beneficial in assessing an individual's financial history, providing your organization with a crucial tool to safeguard against potential risks.

Hazmat Employee & Security Screens

This proactive measure helps enhance workplace safety by ensuring employees tasked with hazardous materials responsibilities meet stringent security requirements. 

Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs)

Verifying an individual's driving history and qualifications is essential for ensuring the safety and reliability of your team. This allows your organization to make informed decisions, minimize risks associated with driving-related responsibilities, and maintain a secure environment for all stakeholders.

Pre-Employment Screening Reports

These reports provide detailed insights crucial for assessing an applicant's fitness for transportation roles. It not only aids in making informed hiring decisions but also ensures regulatory compliance, promoting a safer, more efficient operation.

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