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RH SafeGuard

Safety Department Services

for Small to Medium-sized Fleets

RH SafeGuard provides a comprehensive solution for your DOT compliance requirements. Clients gain access to a collaborative "shared safety department" arrangement, with a range of included services:


Establishing & Managing Driver Qualification Files

With RH SafeGuard, we take the hassle out of managing driver qualification files for your company. When you decide to hire a driver, we ensure that all the necessary documentation for their qualification is obtained and easily accessible. Our comprehensive approach includes:

Driver Qualification File Setup

We create complete driver qualification files for each driver.

Annual Driver Evaluation

We assist in the annual driver evaluation process, including reviewing driving records, a list of violations, and MVRs.

Previous Employer Verification

We handle all required previous employment verifications for your drivers within the specified timeframe, documenting every attempt and the gathered information.

Ongoing DOT Physical Qualification

We regularly verify that each driver meets DOT physical qualification standards, coordinating DOT physical exams conducted by certified personnel.

Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) Check

We run MVR checks for your company, both at the time of hire and on an annual basis.

Up-to-Date Compliance

We ensure that your company always has the latest and most current driver qualification forms, keeping pace with changing regulations.

Document Expiry Tracking

We diligently track all expiring documents in the driver files, issuing timely reminders to keep your records up to date.


Auditing & Monitoring Driver Logs & Time Records

We conduct a comprehensive audit of all logs submitted by the company and provide monthly management reports. Our commitment includes:

Log Compliance Verification

We scan each driver log to ensure compliance with applicable regulations, including the 11/14/70-hour rule.

Manual Verification

Each driver log is manually scrutinized against supporting documentation. We verify mileage entries and cross-check fueling transactions for accuracy.

Complete Submission

We confirm that all logs are submitted for each driver, leaving no outstanding records.

Regulatory Updates

We offer guidance on how to stay compliant with hours-of-service regulations, keeping you informed as regulations change periodically.

DVIR Verification

We also ensure that daily vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs) submitted with the logs have been appropriately completed.


Managing Drug & Alcohol Testing

We take a proactive and comprehensive approach to administering your company's drug and alcohol testing. Our services encompass:

24/7 Post-Accident Testing

We coordinate and facilitate post-accident drug and alcohol testing around the clock.

Efficient Pre-Employment Testing

We streamline the coordination of pre-employment drug testing.

Robust Random Testing

We efficiently manage the entire random drug and alcohol testing program through a consortium-based testing protocol.

Centralized Testing

All testing is coordinated through a single laboratory and medical review officer (MRO) to simplify plan administration.

Regulatory Reporting

We handle all annual reporting requirements with the FMCSA, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

Comprehensive Support

We provide full support for any questions that may arise during program administration, including facilitating Employee Assistance Program (EAP) referrals.

Thorough Investigation

As required by FMCSA, we conduct a comprehensive investigation into a driver-applicant's previous drug and alcohol testing history.


DOT Compliance Filing & Audit Representation

We take the burden off your shoulders by seamlessly managing all DOT-required filings for your company and representing you during a DOT audit. Our comprehensive service includes:

Automated Filing Management

We ensure that all necessary filings are made automatically, sparing you the hassle of remembering due dates.

MCS-150 Updates

Periodically, we handle the filing of MCS-150 updates for your company as required or when it's in your best interest.

MCMIS Management Reports

We diligently file all MCMIS management reports requested by DOT, maintaining your compliance.

Carrier Process Agent Filings

We keep your carrier process agent filings current and on file with DOT, safeguarding your authority to operate vehicles from any negative impact.

DOT Audit Representation

In the event of a DOT audit, we step in and manage all related matters with utmost expertise.


Supporting Maintenance, Inspection, & Repair Functions

We offer robust support for specific maintenance, inspection, and repair functions, ensuring operational efficiency. Our services encompass:

Renewal Reminders

We proactively remind your company when current inspections are due for renewal, eliminating the risk of oversight.

Deficiency Resolution

We document and follow up on proof of repair for vehicle deficiencies reported by drivers on their daily vehicle inspection reports.

Independent Contractor Oversight

We track the monthly maintenance reports submitted by independent contractors, ensuring they meet your standards.

Repair Documentation

We establish a systematic approach to document repair items for vehicle deficiencies discovered during roadside inspections.

Inspection Records Maintenance

We meticulously track and maintain copies of annual inspections for your entire fleet.

Out of Service Compliance

We verify that out-of-service vehicles remain off the road until necessary repairs are completed and documented.

Performance Monitoring

We run periodic DOT carrier profile reports to track the on-road performance of your fleet.

Quality Control

We evaluate DOT roadside inspections for validity and file Data Q challenges to rectify improper write-ups when necessary.

Serving as the Hub for Your Safety Records


RH Safety functions as your company's primary location for housing safety records.


By maintaining all DOT-required records at our facility, we offer the convenience of conducting DOT audits right at our office, eliminating any disruption to your day-to-day operations.

This service ensures that DOT auditors work within a controlled and regulated environment, limiting their access to only the necessary records.


This approach allows us to coordinate and manage the audit on your behalf, leading to the assignment of the most favorable DOT safety rating for your company. This also significantly reduces the likelihood of fines.

In cases involving accident-related litigation, RH Safety steps in to support you as needed, collaborating with your insurance carrier and defense counsel, all at reduced rates.


Our commitment is to protect your interests and ensure a smooth process in any legal proceedings.

These are only a few of the items handled under our full-service retainers.

Book your free consultation to learn more about how RH Safety can help your company stay safe and compliant.

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